Latest News

15th April 2005

Development release 0.5.3 of the Web Modules released.


22nd March 2005

Development release 0.5.2 of the Web Modules released.


15th February 2005

Development release 0.5.1 of the Web Modules released.


31st January 2005

Development release 0.5.0 of the Web Modules released.


04th January 2005

Website restructured, standards compliant, contributers section didn't work with IE6. This is now fixed and the entire site uses compliant XHTML and CSS positioning. There is a new contributers section and style guidelines.


21st December 2004

Mailing list created for discussions


20th December 2004

Announcing SnakeSQL 0.5.2 Alpha

SnakeSQL now supports foreign keys and joins.


25th November 2004

Announcing SnakeSQL 0.3.4 Alpha

SnakeSQL is a pure Python SQL database written to remove the dependence of the Python Web Modules on 3rd party drivers for non-Python databases like MySQL but designed to be a useful database in its own right.


18th November 2004

Bugfix Release

Version 0.4.2 has been released to fix a bug in the install script. Many thanks to everyone who has fed back ideas and bug reports. These will most likely be incorporated into the 0.5-unstable branch. It is anticipated 0.4.2 will be the final release of the 0.4 branch.

04th October 2004

Announced to the community

Version 0.4.1 has proved stable and so the project is being officially announced to the Python community today for comments and feedback.


24th September 2004

New BSD-Style licence announced for future versions

After initial feedback future versions of the software are to be released under a BSD style licence. Here is a sample for comments.


13th September 2004

Bugfix release 0.4.1 available.

This is the most stable and reliable version of the modules so far with changes to make the code fully compatible with Python 2.3.


24th July 2004

Technology Preview 0.4.0 released. It is recommended you upgrade to this version. Users are encouraged to download and experiment with this release.

This landmark represents the first feature-complete version of the modules. Most of the core principles of using the modules are documented but more detail and examples need adding. Future releases will build on this code.


15th July 2004

Final release candidate 0.4.0rc3 released

This is likely to be the last release candidate before the official 0.4.0 release. You can downloaded it from

16th May 2004

First draft of the documentation complete


10th November 2003

Version 0.2.10 relased.

This is the last release of the project under the name Lemon. After this release major changes will be maade and the software repackaged and redocumented as the Python Web Modules.


18th August 2003

Version 0.2.4 relased.