Projects Information

The Python Web Project is an attempt to make Python the best language available for web programming.

This involves desinging and writing the necessary modules, packaging distributions and documenting the modules with examples and tutorials as well as spreading the word about Python.

Currently PHP is the language people most associate with web programming. It has a broad range of modules and a steady learning curve whilst being accessible to beginners. We believe Python is a fundamentally easier and more flexible language but it currently doesn't have all the tools you need to write web applications.

Read the detailed project plan.

Web Modules (Beta)

This is the core component of the Web Project. The latest development version is 0.5.1.

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SnakeSQL (Alpha)

Snake SQL is a pure Python SQL database supporting NULL values and basic SQL syntax. It has a DB-API 2.0 interface and an interactive prompt. It supports a fast DBM interface and a much slower CSV file interface.

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