Helping With the Projects

If you would like to contribute to the project your help would be appreciated. There are a number of ways you can help listed below.

Reporting Problems/Bugs

Reporting problems and bugs is very helpful. Even if you think that the problem might be because you are doing something wrong we would like to know because it is likely someone else is having similar problems and so the documentation needs improving. Please email bugs at with your problem and your solution if you have one.

Documentation Suggestions

If you've spotted an error (spelling, syntax etc) please let us know. If you think any part of the documentation could be re-phrased better in a different way or you didn't understand something the first time but can think of a different way of writing it to make it more clear we would appreciate you letting us know. Please email docs at with your suggestion specifying the URL of the page with the error.

Contributing Code

If you wish to contribute code that is fantastic too. We are currently developing a list of small projects which interested parties can choose to help out with. If you are planning on submitting code for a project not listed on the page it is worth cheking the CVS tree at to check it hasn't already been changed and then emailing help at first to see if the code changes fit in with the overall plan of the project.


All code submitted must be released into the public domian without any restrictions or copyright whatsoever. Any code/advice/documentation received will be assumed to be released into the public domain.

This is so that James Gardner can change the licence if I feel like it or even sell the software without worrying about licencing issues. The software will always be available under the GPL under any circumstances.