Projects Needing Work

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If you would like to help with the Python Web Project there are a number of small projects that need doing which you might want to help with. If you intend to contribute to one of these projects please let us know so that work isn't duplicated.

Web Modules

Pie Chart Generation

The current implementation of pie charts in web.image.graph isn't very good and could do with improving

Unit Tests

Most of the modules don't have absolutely ridgid unit tests. If you would like to take responsibility for writing a thourough unit test for one of the sub-modules that would be great.

Python Database Connectivity

Implementation Wrappers

Implementation wrappers are needed for all the DB-API 2.0 databases listed at

Currently needing implementations are:

  • IBM DB/2
  • Informix, Informix (Kinfxdb)
  • Interbase (Kinterbasdb)
  • Ingres For Ingres 6.4 and OpenIngres
  • JDBC
  • DCOracle, DCOracle2, cx_Oracle
  • PostgreSQL: PyGresQL, psycopg, pyPgSQL
  • sapdbapi
  • ThinkSQL

MySQLdb, SnakeSQL, SQLite, and mxODBC implementations are currently under way.