Warning: The code on this site is no longer maintained. If you are looking for an easy-to-use web framework the developers of pythonweb can highly reccommend Pylons. Pylons can even be run through a CGI script on shared Apache hosting though this is not recommended. For a database layer, try SQLAlchemy which works with Pylons.


The Python Web Project is an attempt to further enhance Python and promote it as the best language for web programming.

This involves designing and writing the necessary modules, packaging distributions and documenting the modules with examples and tutorials as well as spreading the word about Python. Read more »

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Snake SQL

Latest News

29th June 2006 - Work on pythonweb has officially stopped so the code is no longer maintained. For an alternative try Pylons which the developers of pythonweb now work on instead.
7th August 2005 - Bricks, the rapid web application development framework, has a first alpha
4th August 2005 - PythonWeb components have been split up into sepearate projects. The 0.6.0 alphas are here.
15th April 2005 - Web Modules Development Release 0.5.3
22nd March 2005 - Web Modules Development Release 0.5.2
18th March 2005 - PythonWeb SourceForge.net project registered
15th February 2005 - Web Modules Development Release 0.5.1
31st January 2005 - Web Modules Development Release 0.5.0
04th January 2005 - Website restructured, standards compliant, contributers section
21st December 2004 - Mailing list created for discussions
20th December 2004 - SnakeSQL 0.5.2 Alpha released - supports simple joins, PyPI
25th November 2004 - SnakeSQL 0.3.4 Alpha released, announced on DB-SIG, PyPI

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