Web Modules 0.4.2 Bugfix Release

We're pleased to announce the release of the Web Modules 0.4.2 on 18th November, 2004. This is a bugfix release to fix the setup script and make one or two tweaks. It is expected to be the last 0.4 release. Work will now concentrate on the 0.5-unstable branch.

Web Modules 0.4.2 supersede all the previous releases.

To report bugs please email bugs@pythonweb.org.

Download the release

Windows users should download the windows binary version either PythonWeb.org-0.4.2a-win32-2.2.zip or PythonWeb.org-0.4.2a-win32-2.3.zip depending on which version of Python you are using.

If you are not using Windows you should download the source release PythonWeb.org-0.4.2a-src.zip.

Use the command %>unzip PythonWeb.org-0.4.2a-src.zip

Source will also need to install the following software in order to use all the features:

What's New?

  • Setup script fixed
  • Changed the now() methods of datetime.time and datetime.date to return datetime.time and datetime.date objects repectively, not datetime.datetime.
  • Fixed the util.strip() function


The first draft of the documentation has been written:

  • Browse HTML documentation on-line