Web Modules 0.4.0 Technolgy Preview

We're pleased to announce the release of the Web Modules 0.4.0 on 24th June, 2004. This is a technology preview release designed to give intereseted individuals a chance to see the what is contained in the modules.

Web Modules 0.4.0 supersede all the previous releases.

To report bugs please email bugs@pythonweb.org.

Download the release

Windows users should download the windows binary version either PythonWeb.org-0.4.0-win32-2.2.zip or PythonWeb.org-0.4.0-win32-2.3.zip depending on which version of Python you are using.

If you are not using Windows you should download the source release PythonWeb.org-0.4.0-src.zip and will also need to install the following software in order to use all the features:

What's New?

  • Everything has been completly re-written from scratch
  • The web.database module now supports SQLite and has been updated to provide better debugging information.
  • The web.database.object module now supports one to many and many to many mappings.
  • The specification for the web.session and web.auth modules has been improved and the web.template module now supports Python dictionary-style templates.
  • All the modules have now been fully documented in the Module Reference.


The first draft of the documentation has been written:

  • Browse HTML documentation on-line