Good Ingredients



If you haven't already done so it is a good idea to read the ingredients section to give you a good idea of why I've chosen the components I have. It isn't that I am being sponsored by one organisation or another, or even that the ingerdients I've chosen are necessarily the best in their class. I've chosen them because they all fit the good ingredients definition of good (see What is good?) and they all work well together and are likely to continue working well together in the future.

The recipes themselves are divided into three categories:

Approved recipes which you are recommended to follow
Translations of the core recipes into different languages
Other people's takes on the core recipes using different ingredients or taking different approaches or related recipes which extend the core recepies or provide related information

At the moment only the core recepies have been put online but if you'd like to contribute please contact 3aims Ltd with your contribution.

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