Good Ingredients

Open Source Hosting Recepies

Please note, this is an ALPHA site. The tutorials have not been tested in their current form so please take extra care when copying and pasting any commands and be aware that the search is not enabled yet.

So, you've mastered CSS, know all about databases and can build sophisticated websites, but your sites are spread all over the web on different servers running different software with different configurations. Your time seems to disappear as you fix problems, fight fires and plug leaks. You know you need to take the plunge and set up your own servers with a sensible and unified architecture but where do you start?

This site highlights the very best server ingredients and provides a complete set of recepies to solve your hosting problems. By following the correct set of recepies you can create your own meal, perfectly suited to sait your server infrastucture appetite and form a solid basis for your future hosting needs.

Come again?

Good ingredients aims to do for hosting infrastructure what Rails and Django have done for web development.

It provides one set of tried and tested components which work well togther and solve your problems. On this site you'll find a community of experts who aim to provide advice on which are the best server components to use for your task (the best ingredients) as well as detailed instructions on how they all fit together to create the perfect combination (expert recepies)

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