2.2 0.4.1

- Fixed the web.util.strip() function

- Added ignoreCreateAndDrop parameter to the web.database.object.Database object
- Changed the datetime and database.date classes to make them compatible with 
  Python 2.3. NB datetime.datetime(2003,12,12).now() The time and date fields 
  need testing.

- Added a toString method to image.graph
- Added a html2tuple function for converting html colors

- Changed web.encode() to encode for forms or URLs
- Removed automatically using table names in forms
- Fixed bugs with mixing web.database.object and ordinary fields

- ODBC driver changed type of int from SMALLINT to INTEGER
- web.mail.send supports replyName and replyEmail
- Row.update() now doesn't complain about unique values when updating a unique
  column with the same value a field already contains.
- Removed "Programming Error: This field was not submitted." errors.
- Row.form() now accepts as valid unique columns being updated with values they
  already contain.
- File upload field works - error raised if incorrect method or enctype are 
  used. (sort out maxLength)
- Fixed web.encode() to properly encode everything it needs to.

- cursor.select() has a distinct keyword.

- Added swapTemplatePaths to dreamweaverMX templates
- Changed webserver to support and root or cgi dir
- Keys for datbase.object rows are converted to strings 
- Max and min can return arrays of rows matching the value
- web.auth htmlPageRegions, check()

Need to unautocommit MySQL
Need a more sensible auth method offering custom options.