1.4 0.5.0

Version 0.5 should be considered the first release of the development branch of the web modules. A lot of changes have been made and more are planned. It is likely that with these changes some new bugs may have been introduced and so a series of 0.5 releases are planned as any problems become apparant.

This version brings with it a number of important changes:

File field
sender in mail.send

- Changed the now() methods of datetime.time and datetime.date to return time 
  and date objects repectively, not datetime

- Changed web.util.table now takes different paramters.

- Made the web.database.connect() function accept dictionary style params.
- Fixed some errors generating errors in web.database.object
- Added web.database.object.Tree

- Changed web.auth and web.session so you can't choose the table, just the 

- Added a convertConfig() method
- Removed the need for a dictionary from web.template