3 Quick Installation

The Python Web Modules do not need formally installing although it is eaiest if you do install them. All the examples, tests and scripts will run straight from the distribution once it is unzipped (see note above about optional components).

If you wish to use the web modulest the only requirement is that Python can find the web directory containg the web modules. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  1. Easiest: Execute the command below to install the modules to your Python Lib/site-packages directory where Python looks for new modules:
    python setup.py install
  2. Place the web directory of the distribution in the same directory as the script which uses the modules since Python always searches the directory containing a script when looking for modules.
  3. Modify your PYTHONPATH by:

Once the web modules are imported, internal paths are setup so that you can import Cheetah or pdbc for example, but you must import the web module first.