1.14 web.wsgi -- Web Server Gateway Interface tools

The WSGI interface is a specification designed by Phillip J. Eby with contributions from the Python Web-SIG mailing list which defines a proposed standard interface between web servers and Python web applications or frameworks, to promote web application portability across a variety of web servers.

The web.wsgi module implements the WSGI interface for the Web Modules.

Note: The web server interface and tools proposed for previous versions of the modules have now been dropped in favour of supporting the WSGI in their place. All components which were implemented have now been moved into WSGI middleware components instead.

See Also:

PEP 333 - Python Web Server Gateway Interface
This document specifies the Web Server Gateway Interface and defines some simple objects demonstrating the approach. PEP 333 should be read before reading this documentation

It should also be noted that the web modules WSGI implementation is based heavily on Phillip J. Eby's wsgiref implementation

Note: The WSGI specification is farily new and the author of this document is learning it as he goes along! Consequently there may be important omissions or even errors. I would very much appreciate any comments or corrections so please feel free to contact docs at pythonweb.org if you have any.