1.6.2 Using The info() Function

The web.error.info() function returns a representation of the error raised according to the options specified. If no options are specified an HTML debug representation is returned.

The parameters used in the web.error.info() can also be used in the web.error.handle() function to describe how the handled error should be displayed.

Below is the API reference for the web.error.info().

web.error.info( [error], [context=5])

Return a string representing the error according to parameters specified.

The output format for the exception. Can be 'traceback' for a traceback, 'code' for a code listing or 'debug' for code and traceback listing suitable for script debugging. If not specified info() returns a ErrorInformation object.

The default output format. Can currently be 'text' or 'html'.

An exception tuple as retured by sys.exc_info(). If not specified sys.exc_info() (which contains the current traceback information) is used.

The default number of lines of code to display in traceback information. The default is 5.