1.4.15 Example Code

Below is a script to test the database layer. It demonstrates the use of some of the commands:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys; sys.path.append('../../../') # show python where the modules are

import web.database
connection = web.database.connect(
    autoCreate = 1,
cursor = connection.cursor()

import datetime

# Crete a table using the DB-API 2.0 interface and inset some information
cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE test( columnDate Date,  columnString String)')
    "INSERT INTO test ( columnDate, columnString) VALUES (?, 'This i\\s a str''ing with some awkward quoting')",
# Retrieve the information
cursor.execute("SELECT * from test WHERE columnDate = '2005-01-27'")
print cursor.fetchall(format='dict')

# Update the row using the abstraction interface and retrieve the information
    table = 'test',
    columns = ['columnString'],
    values = ["James's New String conta\\\\ining an apostrophe and awkward quoting"],
print cursor.select(columns='*', tables=['test'])

connection.close() # Close the connection without saving changes